Loa Quad 25L Classic

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The L Classic series is one of the finest conventional loudspeakers available today. Conceived as an affordable introduction to the values of Quad, it retains many of the virtues of our flagship loudspeakers, combining midrange with detail and resolution well beyond the standard of its class.

Each loudspeaker in this series is completely handcrafted, from precision voice-coils to the application of lacquer finish, everything is built, applied, cut and polished manually to ensure the highest standard of quality.

Giá bán: 50.490.000đ / đôi

Loa Quad 25L Classic

The Quad 25L Classic speakers are the new peak of the Quad L Classic range. Featuring some of the same internals as their smaller brothers in the Classic range, the 25L Classics feature the same woven kevlar drive units.The veneers are hand laid and polished so that the 25L Classics look as good as they sound. The cabinets are a composite of high density chipboard laminate and fibreboard, which is intended to reduce cabinet colouration and provide sonic opacity while reducing the effects of resoannce.

Loa Quad 25L Classic giá rẻ

The QUAD 25L Classic conservate the similar intern components as his brothers and sisters, including woven Kevlar reproducers and greatly improved ass-midrange who cares to a bigger radiation and less distortion also it is possible to provide bi-wiring by the Quad 25L Classic.

The QUAD 25L Classic uses an Multi-layer closet construction to thats what you may expect of a speaker with this caliber. Beside this is the QUAD 25L available in veneer and in high gloss finish.


  • Bi-wiring options
  • Long-throw Kevlar cone driver
  • Advanced phase linear crossover
  • Precision-engineered waveguide tweeter
  • Multi-layer construction for reduced panel colouration

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Model 25L Classic
General description 3-way floorstanding speaker
Enclosure type Reflex box with auxiliary bass radiator (ABR)
Bass driver 2 x 165mm women Kevlar cone
Midbass driver ----
Midrange driver 2 x 125mm women Kevlar cone
Treble driver 25mm fabric Dome
Magnetic shielding No
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) 91dB
Recommended amplifier power 50-250W
Peak SPL 110dB
Nominal impedance
Minimum impedance 3.5Ω
Frequency response (+/-3dB) 35Hz ~ 23kHz
Bass extension (-6dB) 30Hz
Crossover frequency 430Hz, 2.6kHz
Cabinet Volume(in litres) 27.8L
Dimensions (HxWx D) 1125*269*348mm
Net weight 25kg
Standard accessories spikes, plinth,user manual, certificate,gloves

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