Mission M33i

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Tư vấn hi-fi: 0913238182 - Mrs. Lan * Tư vấn hi-end: 0912616688 - Mr. Huy

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- Hãng sản xuất: MISSION - Loại: Bookshelf - Công suất âm thanh (W): 100W - Tần số thấp nhất (Hz): 44Hz - Tần số cao nhất (kHz): 20kHz - WAY: 2WAY - Trở kháng(Ω): 8Ω - Mức độ âm thanh(db): 90dB - Chiều rộng(mm): 325 - Chiều cao(mm): 850 - Chiều dài(mm): 200 - Trọng lượng(kg): 14.7kg

Giá bán: 9.990.000đ / đôi

Mission M33i

Mission M33i is an elegant column speaker with powerful deep bass, natural sounding midrange and a refined and detailed highs.The combination of high efficiency and a wide bandwidth can this speaker to show a remarkable ease music with a high dynamic.Simultaneously, the controllability is friendly, providing a wide choice is possible amp combinations. The M33i is very suitable for fine and analytical stereo playback, but also impressive in combination with the matching M3C2i center speaker, M3DSi surround speakers and subwoofer M3AS in a complete home cinema set-up.

M3i offers startling performance through highly advanced drive units and an innovative cabinet design. Suitable for stereo and home cinema applications, every speaker in the range is fully magnetically shielded.

Mission M33i chính hãng

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Viotex fabric dome tweeters, used throughout the range, are capable of remarkable detail and resolution. Voices are natural and unstrained. Missions DiaDrive bass units provide remarkable bass performance and a harmonious natural mid-range. A new crossover design derived from the highly acclaimed Elegante series has been applied to the Mision M33i series. In addition, crossovers are now wired to the drivers using Missions special high-purity oxygen free cables. The result is that all the speakers in the M3i series, whether used in a stereo or home theatre system, exhibit a lively and musical performance with enhanced rhythm and timing.


  • 28mm Viotex dome tweeter
  • High quality internal wiring
  • Advanced cabinet construction
  • Audiophile crossover design
  • DiaDrive bass drivers

Mission M33i giá rẻ

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Frequency Response at 3dB 48Hz to 20kHz
Sensitivity SPL/m/2.83V 90dB
Amplifier Power Range 25 to 100 watts
Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm 850x200x325
Finish Beech
Cross Over Frequency 2.7kHz
Effective Volume 17.7 litres
In room frequency bandwidth -6dB at 44Hz to 28kHz
Enclosure Type 2 way reflex loaded
Nominal Impedance 8 ohm (minimum 3.6 ohms
Weight 14.7kgs

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