Pre-amplifiers MBL N11

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Easy music selection through MBL SmartLink system management Central management of all inputs of the entire chain MBL unity gain function for increased dynamics and resolution with reduced noise at the same time Two switchable outlet groups Analog volume control via stepper motor and potentiometer Inputs that are not used can be deactivated and no longer interfere with the input selection Adjustable power-on volume limit to avoid high levels when powering on Optimum common-mode rejection through XLR prioritization of the inputs and outputs Backlit remote control with elegant rotary volume control ring 5'' TFT high-resolution color display

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2. Đặc điểm Pre-amplifiers MBL N11:

Six inconspicuous keys, a matt, shimmering display, a massive volume control. Is that enough for amplifier happiness? Definitely yes. The rest is intelligence. For example in the form of MBL SmartLink 2.0, a network that manages all Noble Line devices connected to the N11 control center. Control display brightness, switch on, switch off, switch through, mute - a fingertip is enough, optionally also on the stylish remote control with integrated volume ring.

Quite different on the back of the device, which clearly signals: a well-positioned preamplifier is looking for connection. No fewer than six pairs of XLR sockets for symmetrical signals and nine pairs of gold-plated chinch sockets are waiting for suitable partners - plenty of docking points for power amplifiers and players, even for music suppliers from the vinyl department: the N11 is happy to add the appropriate phono module on board.

A variety of connections and ease of use are all well and good, but not at the expense of the sound quality: For example, the volume is controlled with a great deal of mechanical effort via an encapsulated precision potentiometer driven by a stepper motor. For the best possible freedom from interference, the signal routing is meticulously designed for maximum common-mode rejection. And so that as few components as possible get in the way of the music flow that could degrade the sound, a single-stage circuit takes over the amplification (single stage). 

The N11 has a special sound advantage with its ability to recognize who it is dealing with at inputs and outputs. In this way, he can match his output voltages exactly to the input sensitivities of the connected output stages. Noise and distortion are therefore never unnecessarily amplified. The result is incredible dynamics in the music with an extremely good signal-to-noise ratio and extremely low distortion. This sophisticated voltage adjustment is called unity gain, a technique that you often look for in vain with other manufacturers.

In short: a simple, tidy front panel in a timeless design, combined with operating intelligence, valuable materials and the latest circuit technology - subordinate to a single goal: music reproduction of the highest perfection.

Quality through renunciation – unity gain

On the one hand, the developers of high-end electronics fight for every decibel of dynamics with high-quality, selected components and sophisticated switching tricks. And elsewhere, the valuable item is then given away again, as if it were lying around on the desk like bent paper clips. This other location is the preamp. The incoming signals are usually amplified by 12 decibels before being passed on to the power amplifier. This makes sense for analog sources such as turntables with equalizer preamplifiers or transformers, tuners or tape recorders: These devices deliver an output voltage of around 0.5 to 0.75 volts, but a power amplifier normally needs 2 volts to mobilize its full power. The situation is completely different with digital sources. They already supply the preamplifier or integrated amplifier with 2 volts. Additional amplification is then not only superfluous, but also harmful: background noise and distortion are amplified to the same extent.

Exactly that doesn't happen with activated "Unity Gain" function in the Noble Line integrated amplifier N51 and preamplifier N11. The volume of the input signal is controlled in the usual way via the solid brass button or via remote control, but runs through the signal paths without damaging amplification and thus provides a measurable and audible gain in dynamics. And if a weak music supplier docks at the inputs, a signal path with amplification (more precisely: with 8 instead of the usual 12 decibels) sends sufficiently high output voltages to the power amplifiers. Refined: before the gain is activated, the volume control turns counterclockwise as if by magic, or in the other direction when switching to "unity gain".

Pre-amplifiers Hi-end MBL N11

One-tap operation - MBL SmartLink

The components of the Noble-Line are constantly in contact - and not just via the signal cables. MBL SmartLink is the name of the connecting element, an intelligent communication network for greater ease of use. For example, all you have to do is press the start button on the beautiful remote control and the CD player switches on, the amplifiers switch through and the music sounds from the CD. And so that the speakers don't suddenly start roaring because a member of the family who is keen to experiment turned the volume control on the amplifier all the way to the right, the switch-on volume can be limited via the on-screen menu.

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Thông số kỹ thuật cơ bản của Pre-amplifiers MBL N11

inputs 2 x CD (RCA) 3 x AUX (RCA) 1 x Pass Through (RCA) 2 x Balanced (XLR) 1 x Phono optional 1 x optional 3rd XLR
exits 3 x RCA (2 x Group 1, 1 x Group 2) 2 x XLR (1 x Group 1, 1 x Group 2) 2 x Fixed Out / Record Out (RCA, XLR)
Other inputs/outputs Ground connection for Phono MBL SmartLink SD slot for update
Weight 18 kg / 39.7 lbs



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