Dây Nguồn Kharma KPC - GR - 1C (2M)

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The Grand Reference Interconnect cable is based on a large number of high quality pure silver-gold conductors which are positioned in a special star-like concentric configuration and air insulated.

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Dây Ballance KIC - GR - 1C

A large vibration isolating tubing and a vibration reducing compound are reducing structure born and air-born-vibrations to a minimum before reaching the pure silver-gold conductors. Besides ultra effective double shielding protects the conductors from electromagnetic interference. This Power cable is terminated with very high quality 24k gold plated plugs and is fitted with state of the art aluminium casings. In these casings an unique copper shielding layer is integrated, to protect the plug and conductors from electromagnetic interference.

Dây Ballance KIC - GR - 1C

All this leads to a crystal clear and ultra revealing cable with enormous dynamics, endless power, extreme definition, sweetness and an open and wide stereo image

Thông số kĩ thuật dây Ballance KIC - GR - 1C

Type KIC-GR-1C
Minimum length 1M
Standard length 1M

Analog with RCA / XLR plugs

Digita with RCA / XLR / BNC plugs

 Dây Nguồn Kharma KPC - GR - 1C