Loa Quad 22L2 rosewood Piano

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The L Classic series is one of the finest conventional loudspeakers available today. Conceived as an affordable introduction to the values of Quad, it retains many of the virtues of our flagship loudspeakers, combining midrange with detail and resolution well beyond the standard of its class. Each loudspeaker in this series is completely handcrafted, from precision voice-coils to the application of lacquer finish, everything is built, applied, cut and polished manually to ensure the highest standard of quality.

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Loa Quad 22L2 rosewood Piano

Following in the footsteps of their famous ESL brethren, the L-series dynamic loudspeakers dynamic loudspeakers offer excellent resolution, tonal neutrality and oustanding stereo imaging. A wide frequency response and incredibly accurate drivers produce a sound stage so vivid and coherent you can visualize each and every sound in three dimensional space.

Leading the L2 series range is the Quad 22L2 rosewood Piano. With a huge dynamic range and frequency bandwidth, it offers class-leading performance throughout the frequency spectrum.
Bass response bottoms out at an impressive 30Hz. When positioned exactly 350mm from a rear wall, the in-room response is flat to this level, with no compromise of the mid-range or high-frequencies.

Loa Quad 22L2 rosewood Piano giá rẻ

Build-quality is, as you would expect, superb. Each cabinet is made from reinforced 18mm MDF, with a choice of three real wood veneers. Each cabinet then has seven coats of piano lacquer applied, with each coat drying for a full 24 hours before being cut and polished ready for the next coat.

High quality gold-plated bi-wire terminals and oxygen free internal wiring ensure excellent signal transmission.
The range consists of four stereo loudspeakers, and a center channel and subwoofer for AV applications - all with the same excellent performance and build.

These loudspeakers produce exceptional results with the most challenging music genres, especially large scale orchestral and rock.

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Type  2 Way
Bass Driver Twin 6.5″ / 175mm
Soft Dome Tweeter  1″ / 25mm
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms
Frequency Response +/- 6dB 30Hz-28kHz
Upper Frequency Limit -10dB  32kHz
SPL 1W @ 1m 89dB
Power Handling (Continuous) 150 Watts
Recommended Amp 50-300 W
System Fb 35Hz
Crossover Frequency 150hz & 3kHz
Dimensions (HxWxD)  850x 205 x 278 mm
Gross Weight 38.1kg

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