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Tư vấn hi-fi:0913238182 - Tư vấn hi-end: 0912616688

Thông tin tóm tắt:
- Trở kháng: 4~8Ω - Màu sắc: Màu bạc, Màu đen - Công suất Amplifer: 1180W - Trọng lượng (kg): 34
Tư vấn hi-fi: 091 323 8182

Giá bán: 97.930.000đ / chiếc

Giá niêm yết: 130.990.000đ

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Những điểm nổi bật của sản phẩm âm thanh hi-fi YAMAHA DSP-Z11

Yamaha introduces a new benchmark for home theater receiver performance: the RX-Z11. The RX-Z11 performance sets a new standard in home theater experience and includes extensive multi-zone custom installation and convenience features, plus a Web Browser Control.


YAMAHA DSP-Z11 nhập khẩu chính hãng, giá tốt nhất, tại Hà Nội


Âm thanh hi-fi YAMAHA DSP-Z11 hàng chính hãng 100%

RX-Z11 11.2-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver

Yamaha takes receiver evolution to a new peak with an enormous range of exciting capabilities.

Unprecedented Audio Performance 

  • Trilateral Sound Development for the HD Audio era
  • Discrete 11-channel amplifier configuration delivering a total of 1,180W (140W x 7 + 50W x 4)
  • Digital ToP-ART and High Current Amplification with high quality and custom-built audio-grade parts and devices used throughout
  • Super Stable Chassis design 

High Sound Quality

Preamplifier Stage

  • New Pure Direct for lossless audio formats also
  • Pure Ground DAC Concept
  • High quality preamplifier block design
  • Low-Jitter PLL and Digital Clock Circuits
  • High quality headphone amplifier circuit

YAMAHA DSP-Z11 nhập khẩu chính hãng, giá tốt nhất, tại Hà Nội

Power Amplifier Stage
  • All-Channel Current Feedback Circuit
  • Hybrid Low Noise Power Supply
  • Symmetrical Layout and New Power Circuit Layout
  • Low-impedance, minimum loop print pattern
  • Thick aluminum panels and large, heavy feet 

High Picture Quality 

  • Latest HDMI 1.3a specification supports Deep Color (30/36 bit) transmission, xvYCC color space, 120Hz and 24Hz Refresh Rates and Auto Lip-Sync compensation
  • Analog and HDMI digital video signal upscaling to Full HD 1080p and down-scaling to 480p format
  • Analog video to HDMI digital video upconversion capability
  • 4 Component Video in and 2 monitor outs 

Surround Realism 

  • New CINEMA DSP HD3 creates lush, dense, accurate sound field
  • THX Ultra2 Plus surround modes
  • Improved Compressed Music Enhancer
  • Adaptive DRC (Dynamic Range Control) and DSP effect level controlling capability

Advanced Features

YAMAHA DSP-Z11 nhập khẩu chính hãng, giá tốt nhất, tại Hà Nội

Network Receiver Capabilities

  • Network port to connect a PC and Yamaha MCX-2000 or access the Internet Radio via LAN
  • Compatible with Windows Vista & Windows Media Player 11 as well as Windows Media Connect
  • PlaysForSure network device support
  • 2 USB ports (1 on front, 1 on rear) to connect USB memory devices or portable audio players
  • Supports MTP devices and Mass Storage Class devices
  • Supports 500mA power from USB port
  • Supports USB HDD (FAT32 format, up to 2TB)
  • iPod compatibility via optional Yamaha Universal Dock YDS-10
  • Advanced YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer) for automatic speaker setup
  • Multiple point measurement feature for multiple listening positions
  • Specialized parametric equalizer for standing wave reduction
  • Speaker angle measurement feature for optimized CINEMA DSP
  • YPAO Easy Starter
  • HD Radio™ digital broadcast reception capability
  • XM ready with XM HD Surround powered by Neural-THX Surround Decoder
  • Multiple Subwoofer connection capability
  • 6 or 8-channel additional input jacks for discrete multi-channel inputs
  • 10 System Memories for Main Zone and 4 System Memories for other each Zone
  • GUI on-screen display of six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese 

Versatile Zone Control 

  • Intelligent assignable amplifiers: bi-amping and multi-zone control (Zone 2/Zone 3/Zone 4)
  • Preamplifier Mode
  • Zone 2 video output (component and composite) with OSD capability Zone 2 digital audio output (coaxial)
  • Party Mode
  • Display of song data and radio information on zone OSDs
  • Sleep timer and mute level for all zones
  • Zone Mono
  • Flexible and assignable dual +12V trigger outs

Thông số kỹ thuật của dòng âm thanh hi-fi YAMAHA DSP-Z11

Channels 11.2
RMS Output Power (20Hz - 20kHz) 140W x 7 + 50W x 4
Total Power (20Hz - 20kHz) 1,180W
High Sound QualityDolby TrueHD Yes
Dolby Digital EX / Dolby Pro Logic IIx Yes
DTS-HD Master Audio Yes
DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 Yes
DTS 96/24 / DTS Neo:6 Yes
Pure Direct Yes
Neural Surround Yes (Neural-THX)
D/A Conversion 192 kHz / 24 bit
SRS (Circle Surround II) Yes
THX Processing Yes (Neural-THX)
Selectable Subwoofer Crossover Yes (9-band)
High Picture QualityTime Base Corrector Yes
Analog Video to HDMI Upconversion Yes (Scale to 480p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p)
Component Video Upconversion Yes
S-Video Upconversion Yes
Advanced ConnectionsHDMI (In/Out) (5 / 2 ) Ver 1.3a
Component Video (In/Out) (4 / 2)
A/V Inputs (S-Video) 8 (All S-Video)
Digital Inputs/Outputs [O: Optical, C: Coaxial] (O:5, C:4 / O:1,C:1)
Front A/V with Digital Input Yes (With HDMI / S-Video / Optical / USB)
Front USB Input For Flash Memory Drives Yes (Dual USB - Front and Rear)
RS-232C Interface Yes
Multi-Channel Decoder Inputs 8-Channel
Pre-Out All Channels Yes
Advanced FeaturesHD Radio Tuner Yes
iPod Compatibility Yes (with optional YDS-11)
Bluetooth Compatibility Yes (with optional YBA-10)
Compressed Music Enhancer Yes
XM HD Surround Yes
XM Satellite Radio Ready Yes
Network Receiver Functions Yes
Night Listening Enhancer Yes
HDMI Standby-through Yes
Dialogue Lift Yes
YPAO (w/Optimizer Microphone) Yes (8 Point)
On-Screen Display (OSD) Yes (With GUI)
Learning Remote Capability Yes
Macro Command Capability Yes
Surround RealismSurround Programs 38
Custom Features+12V Trigger Outputs (x 2)
Zone Power Switching Yes [Main/ Zone2 / Zone3 / Zone4 (Front panel)]
Assignable Power Amp Yes
Zone Speaker Terminals Yes (Zone 2 / 3 / 4 )
Zone 4 Output Yes (Audio Only)
Zone 2 Output Yes (Component / Composite / Optical / Coaxial)
Zone 3 Output Yes (Audio Only)
IR Inputs/Outputs (x 2)
Zone Remote Control Yes
Receiver Manager Software Yes
Speaker A, B or A + B Yes
Product Dimensions (W x H x D) 17-1/8” x 8-1/4” x 19-5/8”
Product Weight (lbs.) 75
Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D) 22-1/4" x 12-1/2" x 21-1/4"
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 88

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