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- Cone Bass Driver: 2 x 100mm / 4 - Soft Dome Tweeter: 25mm / 1 - Frequency Response (-6dB): 80Hz - 24kHz - Crossover Frequency(s): 2.5kHz - Construction: 15mm MDF

Giá bán: 6.090.000đ / chiếc

Giới thiệu về loa hi-fi Quad Lite Center

The Quad Lite Centre Speaker is tiny in proportion to the sound it's capable of, and with power handling of 75 watts is capable of enveloping all but the largest rooms with pure sound quality. The Quad Lite Centre Speaker is the perfect companion to the Quad Lite satellite Speakers tuned to the vocal range, reproducing speech with remarkable clarity and accuracy.

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Loa hi-fi Quad Lite Center giá tốt nhất

Using a smaller version of the same KEVLAR bass driver used in the award-winning Quad 11L loudspeaker, the Quad Lite system has itself been picking up some rave reviews. It is also, however, tonally matched with the complete Quad L-series range of loudspeakers, so can be used in any combination to produce an exceptional quality home theater system.

Careful placement will extend the bass response significantly, giving this speaker a performance well beyond the scale of its dimensions - yet throughout the frequency range this speaker is articulate and musical for a thoroughly refined and enjoyable listen.

Thông số kỹ thuật của loa hi-fi Quad Lite Center giá tốt nhất

Cone Bass Driver 2 x 100mm / 4
Soft Dome Tweeter 25mm / 1
Frequency Response (-6dB)80Hz - 24kHz
Crossover Frequency(s) 2.5kHz
Construction 15mm MDF


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