Quad L Classic Center

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The L Classic series is one of the finest conventional loudspeakers available today. Conceived as an affordable introduction to the values of Quad, it retains many of the virtues of our flagship loudspeakers, combining midrange with detail and resolution well beyond the standard of its class.

Each loudspeaker in this series is completely handcrafted, from precision voice-coils to the application of lacquer finish, everything is built, applied, cut and polished manually to ensure the highest standard of quality.

Giá bán: 10.090.000đ / chiếc

Giới thiệu về loa hi-fi Quad L Classic Center 

The Quad L Classic Centre speaker has been designed to complement the L Classic Series speakers for use in a multi-channel or home cinema system. Using small drivers offer the possibility of seamless integration for the delivery of accurate power response both for the forward axis and in the room itself.

The Quad L Classic Centre speaker is equipped with 2x 125mm long-throw Kevlar cone mid drivers and a 25mm soft dome tweeter, which utilises a precision-engineered waveguide, for a totally coherent midrange and treble.

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Loa hi-fi Quad L Classic Center hàng chính hãng

The cabinet of the Quad L Classic Centre speaker maintains a multi-layer construction, combining two varied wood materials to reduce panel resonance allowing the cabinet to produce a more solid sound.

  • Long-throw Kevlar cone driver
  • Advanced phase linear crossover
  • Precision-engineered waveguide tweeter
  • Bi-wiring options for versatility
  • Multi-layer construction for reduced panel colouration

Thông số kỹ thuật của loa hi-fi Quad L Classic Center 

Frequency Response at 3dB 110Hz-23kHz
Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm 160mm × 426mm × 225mm
Cross Over Frequency 2.8kHz
Mid range driver 2x 125mm woven Kevlar cone
Tweeter Driver 25mm soft dome
Recommended Amp Power 50-150 watts
Magnetically Shielded Yes
Enclosure Type 2-way sealed box
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Weight 8.55kg
Sensitivity 89dB (2.83v 1m)


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