Wharfedale Evo2-Center 50

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Thông tin tóm tắt:
- Hãng sản xuất: WHARFEDALE - Loại: • Center - Tần số thấp nhất (Hz): 90Hz - Tần số cao nhất (kHz): 35kHz - WAY: 2WAY - Trở kháng(Ω): 6Ω - Mức độ âm thanh(db): 89dB - Chiều rộng(mm): 420 - Chiều cao(mm): 185 - Chiều dài(mm): 300 - Trọng lượng (kg): 11,6

Giá bán: 11.690.000đ / chiếc

Giới thiệu về loa hi-fi Wharfedale Evo2-Center 50

In the line of Wharfedale Evolution appeared "special" center channel speaker - EVO2-50 Center. New best suited for theatrical installations involving acoustics of this series, especially when in the "front" used Wharfedale EVO2-50 column.

loa hi-fi Wharfedale Evo2-Center 50

loa hi-fi Wharfedale Evo2-Center 50

"Evolutionary" acoustics British brand has received well-deserved recognition, including through listening comfort, excellent finish and high quality drivers, which the company develops and produces in its own factory. In particular, the hallmark of flagship Wharfedale EVO2-50 a midrange dome. So a 2-inch "dome" and developers are armed with a new center channel speaker EVO2-50 Center. In addition, the three-way scheme "center" run dome tweeter (25mm, silk, aluminum casing) and a pair of 5-inch mid-bass (Kevlar, cast basket). As a result, the new product, designed for full playback of a wide range of frequencies, allows us to achieve unprecedented accuracy in the speech area. It must be emphasized that in a home theater audio about 70% falls on the central channel, so the quality of the "center" depends largely on the detail and clarity of the dialogues, the accuracy of the reflection of sound events. Another important plus - akin in tone against the sound of the "center" and "fronts" - is achieved by using the same tweeter and midrange drivers. At the same time the listener gets a harmonious sound picture, which is easily and accurately track the movement of virtual sources.

 loa hi-fi Wharfedale Evo2-Center 50

 As with the entire line of EVO-2, the new "center" is available in several colors - red wood, light maple, cherry, black ash. The body is decorated with natural veneer, lacquered and polished by hand.

Thông số kỹ thuật của loa hi-fi Wharfedale Evo2-Center 50

Speaker type Center channel speaker 
Number of bands 3-Way 
Type of shell Bass reflex 
rated Power 150 W
Rec. power amplifier 30-300 W
Sensitivity 90 dB
Resistance 6 ohms
Crossover Frequency 1.4 kHz, 4.5 kHz Hz
frequency range 70-35000 Hz
Bi-Wiring there is 
woofer Size 125 mm
Tweeter Size 25 mm
Dimensions W B D 50 21.5 29 cm
Weight 11.6 kg


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