Wadax Atlantis SERVER

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Tư vấn hi-fi: 0913238182 - Mrs. Lan * Tư vấn hi-end: 0912616688 - Mr. Huy

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Atlantis Server is an audiophile universal server. Designed by DAC designers to obtain the best results out of a top performance DAC.

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Wadax has been producing servers since 2012, acquiring expertise and know-how and understanding all parameters and elements which influence sound performance.

Sound quality in a digital system is greatly dependent on the server used. That was our first conclusion, back in 2010, during our fundamental research on State-of-the-Art digital audio playback. Since then, an extensive R&D project has been active with a primary purpose: to provide audiophiles with a server that unleashes their DAC’s full performance potential.

Atlantis Server is an audiophile server, conceived, developed and produced for the following purposes:

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