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- Two way ported round ceiling loudspeaker with 6" woofer, 1" soft dome tweeter - Frequency Response : 90-20kHz - 89dB sensitivity @im/1W - 20W/10W/5W/2.5W Power Taps @ 70 volts - 20W/10W/5W Power Taps @ 100 volts - Metal back box construction - Excellent sound quality - Fast and easy installation

Giá bán: 5.290.000đ / chiếc


The Concourse CE-6F is designed for in-ceiling application, is built around Quad Industrial's latest acoustic and manufacturing innovations.

The CONCOURSE CE-6F has complete speaker assemblies, featuring sealed back boxes, integral mounting clips and perforated aluminum grilles. The CE-6F is metal construction to ensure maximum durability. The spring loaded mounting clips guarantee fast and simple installation. The CE-6F includes a metal back box for extended bass response and added safety cable point.

QUAD CE-6F chính hãng

A high performance, durable yet affordable speaker, the Concourse CE-6F is the ideal choice for distributed speaker applications in installations. The Concourse CE-6F offers enough variety to satisfy nearly any requirement from paging to speech reinforcement and foreground/background music. 

Design using a soft dome tweeter, on the one hand allows the speaker has a broader frequency response, on the other hand, so that when ceiling mounted, short-throw to the audience to listen to the high-frequency effect is more soft and clear.

QUAD CE-6F giá tốt

Dual voice coil, multi-mode design simultaneously 16Ω and constant pressure are two options, each user integrators, audiovisual consultant designers early in the system design can be freely optional in the project implementation process can flexibly change the system.

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