Dây tín hiệu JPS LABS Aluminata RCA (1M)

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Aluminata interconnects address these issues to the highest possible level, offering a degree of noise and hum immunity unkown until now, with the result of perfectly tuned clarity of sound, not bright, not dull, a reflection of the source.

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2. Đặc điểm của Dây tín hiệu JPS LABS Aluminata RCA (1M):

The Aluminata RCA Interconnects form the critical link between components and must flawlessly convey delicate low level signals while acting as perfect interfaces between various inputs and outputs designed without standards. Any deflection of the sound before it even gets to the amplifier and your ears and you may as well have purchased a cheap receiver instead of all those wonderfully refined high-end separates.

In order for interconnects to transfer low level signals without adding distortion or noise, they must not only be made with the finest conductor materials and dielectrics, but also be able to deal with ground loops not only at 50 and 60 Hz but all the way up into the many hundreds of megahertz (MHz) and beyond. This random additional noise causes contamination of the signal, adding harshness and masking low level detail. EMI (electromagnetic interference) from nearby AC wiring, dielectric absorption, capacitive loading, you name it, the interconnects are where it all goes wrong within a system.

Dây tín hiệu JPS LABS Aluminata RCA (1,5M)

Aluminata interconnects address these issues to the highest possible level, offering a degree of noise and hum immunity unkown until now, with the result of perfectly tuned clarity of sound, not bright, not dull, a reflection of the source.

A quad lay of a newly designed and specially annealed solid core Alumiloy conductors (the equivalent of two 12 AWG/3.31 mm2 conductors for negligible signal loss, even in long lengths, each conductor individually insulated with very expensive medical grade Kapton to exacting standards of thickness and purity, blanketed by a version of the Particle Aluminum Shield, modified and optimized for high resolution, line level audio, with its inherent noise absorption and ultra low impedance, Aluminata interconnects set the stage for a JPS wired system of impeccable quality of sound sure to give you goose bumps and an occasional tear for years to come, and complete the loop from source to ear like only JPS can.

The Aluminata Series encompasses all factors in the design of highly advanced audio and AC power delivery offering a truly holistic cabling solution. Their ability to enhance a system's performance goes well beyond expectations and provides an absolute reference by which others will be judged far into the future. These are the only application specific cables on the planet that were individually engineered yet act as a whole to reduce all known sources of background noise within a high resolution audio system to such a low level that the change is... unmistakably audible.

If you are a person who appreciates the finest products for your system regardless of cost, or if you just want to do it once, right the first time, then the Aluminata cables are absolutely for you. Please take the time to hear what the Aluminata Series of cables will do in very clear and absolute terms to your listening experience, and as always increase your perception into the question: What are The World's Finest Cables?...

Every Aluminata Cable set is serial numbered, and comes with their own aluminum case laser engraved with the JPS Labs logo, and a matching original Certificate of Authenticity, printed with gold and blue ink, and embossed and signed with our official Authentic Product seal. This certificate ensures you are buying a genuine JPS Labs product.

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Thông số kỹ thuật cơ bản của Dây tín hiệu Digital JPS LABS Aluminata RCA (1M)

- 15 AWG/1.65 mm2 Alumiloy® solid core conductors, insulated with Kapton® dielectric

- With a 2.0 volt line level output @ 20 KHz (preamplifier with 100 ohm output Z at full volume into a 50k ohm input), a 1.0 meter cable only will drop 0.0000012 volts (1.2 uV)

- Particle Aluminum Shield (PAS) is approx. 0.3"/7.5 mm thick and effectively shields and absorbs environmental and component noise- In our humble opinion, there is no better shield available on any cable on planet Earth.

- Anti-resonant design eliminates internal microphonics, and prevents external resonances from traveling component to component

- WBT premium RCA connectors with gold plated split pin design and gold plated leaf locking ground, or, JPS Labs premium XLR connector with gold plated pins and dark metallic shell, for complete shielding end to end

- Cable made and assembled in the USA by a highly skilled master technician

- Overall weight is approximately 1 lbs/0.5 kg per 1.0 meter cable- Cable is flexible and easy to connect