Quad L2 Center Birdseye Maple

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The L Classic series is one of the finest conventional loudspeakers available today. Conceived as an affordable introduction to the values of Quad, it retains many of the virtues of our flagship loudspeakers, combining midrange with detail and resolution well beyond the standard of its class. Each loudspeaker in this series is completely handcrafted, from precision voice-coils to the application of lacquer finish, everything is built, applied, cut and polished manually to ensure the highest standard of quality.

Giá bán: 10.090.000đ / chiếc

Giới thiệu về loa hi-fi Quad L2 Center Birdseye Maple 

The Quad L2 centre shares the same high end driver technology found in all the other L2 speakers; making it the perfect tonal match for the home theatre lover. With crisp clean sound it is engineered to handle all of  today’s demanding home theatre material including HD Movies, Blue-ray etc. 

Quad L2 Center Birdseye Maple


loa hi-fi Quad L2 Center Birdseye Maple

In the QUAD L2 tweeters Neodymium magnets are used. These magnets are a form of "rare earths" super magnets. Because they are they give, when used in the correct manner so strong and small, a highly concentrated magnetic field that is in front of the narrow ideall rash that is required for a good spectrum in the high frequencies.

QUAD L2 series uses a new low-profile version of the driver chassis was used in the original QUAD L2 series. While the same, curved, self-supporting design is applied, all the arms of the chassis are now profiled and narrowed in order to bring back cone reflections to a minimum.

Quad L2 Center Birdseye Maple

The crossover is a quality as expected, and is positioned with care by serious audio enthusiasts to minimize magnetic induction. In addition, the bookshelf models in the series disposal, or the unique two-port arrangement (designed to give up to 50% reduction in distortion). Metallized Polypropylene capacitors are applied with low losses. All components are mounted on fiberglass circuit board traces of which are not running in parallel. The perfect, layered air core coils are at right angles mounted on each other in order to avoid magnetic intermodulation.

Thông số kỹ thuật của loa hi-fi Quad L2 Center Birdseye Maple 

Transducer Complement  2 Way
Bass Driver 5” / 125mm x2
Mid Driver  –
Soft Dome Tweeter  1” / 25mm
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms
Frequency Response +/- 6dB 70Hz-28kHz
Upper Frequency Limit -10dB 32kHz
SPL 1W @ 1m 88dB
Power Handling (Continuous) 70 Watts
Recommended Amp 30-150W
System Fb 60Hz
Crossover Frequency 2.0kHz
Dimensions (HxWxD)  163 x 428 x 206
Gross Weight 8kg


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