Dây loa JPS LABS Superconductor Q biwire - 10FT (3m)

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All of our speaker cables are hand soldered and assembled using only the finest materials and craftsmanship beyond many, to give your system resolving power far beyond any speaker manufacturers expectations (unless they already use our products as part of their R&D in product development). Hundreds of steps later, a pair of cables is born, carrying the JPS Labs name into the future.

Giá bán: 21.590.000đ / bộ

 JPS LABS Superconductor Q biwire - 10FT (3M)

Dây loa JPS LABS Superconductor Q biwire - 10FT (3m)

Bass definition and weight are excellent, midrange vocals are seriously real and smooth, never harsh nor dull, and high frequencies are naturally extended yet detailed, and perfectly balanced beyond audibility. Please take the time to audition the highly refined Superconductor Q cables, or any of our many unique cable designs, from your nearest dealer- You'll never use another brand again, seriously...

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