D/A Converter MBL C31

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MBL là một thương hiệu tới từ Đức. Được phát triển hơn 30 năm, Sản phẩm CD-DAC mbl C31 đã có mặt trên 40 quốc gia và vùng lãnh thổ. Giờ đây, MBL đã tới Việt Nam và được phân phối bởi Huylananh Audio.

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Những điểm nổi bật của CD-DAC mbl C31:

The CD31 can just as reasonably be considered a DAC with transport. It’s a slot drive loader but has inputs for USB, Toslink and SPDIF with both RCA and XLR outputs. The DAC supports sampling rates up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution, and no higher but MBL’s designer Jürgen Reis responds by citing the superior jitter performance of his DAC design, and the psycho-acoustically optimized filtering and the measured timing accuracy that is the equivalent to a 192kHz sampling rate. The output of the USB signal has a very low jitter in part due to MBL’s Master Clock Mode which is similar to asynchronous USB. Internally, the digital inputs and outputs employ galvanic isolation between each other and ground to prevent high frequency eddy currents. High precision buffer data reading is provided by the combination of digital frequency synthesizer and nested analogue phase lock loop (PLL). Noteworthy is the innovation whereby only a single crystal oscillator is ever running at a given moment. If the CD drive is operating, both oscillators of the USB input are switched off and similarly, if the SPDIF input is active, the CD drive goes into sleep mode after a ten second delay. Functionally it’s also a gorgeous piece of electronic architecture and operationally a dream with a full function remote, and intuitive soft button control above the display.

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mbl C31 CD-DAC


What impresses me most about the player, is a subtle yet consistent thread of analog-like warmth and fluidity that removes the cold edge from digital reproduction and all the while physicalizing images more strongly and fleshing out the dimensional soundstage. Even the USB reveals this refinement–a less aggressive characteristic. When I listen to solo piano, I expect to hear the fabric of the felt hammer striking the string, and the bloom and resonance and decay that follows. The CD31 does this. It doesn't scrimp on transients or micro dynamics, yet it also doesn’t lean on these too heavily to the exclusion of timbre. During Tom Waits’ “Georgia Lee” the close-miked vocal dynamics of Waits’ iconic baritone grows ever more expansive, instrumental and ambient detailing assumes a more discrete character. On a track like Holly Cole’s “I Can See Clearly” it’s DAC was unveiled and more open and slightly less sibilant then every other DAC I’ve had in for review (save a couple weeks spent with a dCS Puccini last year). In these ways–micro dynamic gradients, dimensionality and bloom–the mbl suggests to me attributes I normally associate with SACD playback.


mbl C31 CD-DAC

The back of the C31 contains USB, Toslink, and coaxial digital inputs; a coaxial digital output, and both XLR and RCA analog outputs. There are also connections for a power cable and for MBL’s SmartLink, which allows various MBL devices to talk to one another.

The unit’s digital outputs have an output impedance of 75 Ohm; analog outputs have an output impedance of 100 Ohm for RCA, and 200 Ohm for XLR. Total harmonic distortion is <0.001% @ 0 dBFS, signal to noise ratio is >110 dB (A-weighted) @ 0 dBFS, and channel separation is >100 dB @ 1 kHz.

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Specifications CD-D/A Converter MBL C31:

Weight 15,5 kg / 34.2 lbs 
Dimensions (without cables)   W 45,0 cm / D 44,5 cm / H 14,5 cm 
W 17.7 in / D 17.5 in / H 5.7 in 
Dimensions with packaging W 59,0 cm / D 54,0 cm / H 35,5 cm
W 23.2 in / D 21.3 in / H 21.9 in
Line Voltage  230 Vac / 50 Hz or 115 Vac / 50/60 Hz (single voltage, factory setting depending on country) 
Power consumption
in stand by < 0.5 VA
in idle < 20 VA
Maximum 21 VA (during ‘Play’)
Digital Inputs 
1 x Toslink
Connection Snap-In-Type
Wavelength 650 nm
Nominal Input Power  10mW
Working input power range 3mW - 30mW
electrically/galvanically Isolated optically isolated
1 x S/P-DIF 
Connection RCA
Input Impedance 75 Ohm
Nominal Input-Level 0.5 Vpp 
Working Input-Voltage Range 0,2 - 5 Vpp
electrically/galvanically Isolated galvanically isolated
USB Input 

USB Type B 

Sampling Frequency

44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz


MCMI (Master Clock Mode Interface), Asynchronous USB 

electrically/galvanically Isolated  galvanically isolated 
Operating System Drivers Natively supported, without any special driver
Digital Outputs

1 x S/P-DIF



Output Impedance

75 Ohm

Nominal Output-Level 

0.5 Vpp 

electrically/galvanically Isolated galvanically isolated

Analog Outputs

Maximum Output Level
  Unbalanced RCA Out 2 V @ 0 dBFS
 Balanced XLR Out

4 V @ 0 dBFS

Output Impedance (RCA / XLR) 100 Ohm / 200 Ohm
Absolute Phase (RCA / XLR)  In-Phase / Pin-2 = In-Phase
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)  < 0.001% @ 0 dBFS
Signal to Noise Ratio (RCA / XLR) > 110 dB (A-Weighted) @ 0 dBFS
Channel Separation > 100 dB @ 1 kHz
CD Section
CD Mechanism 

Slot drive, front loader 


Standard compact disc (Red Book), 12 cm and 8 cm discs 


CD, CDR, CD-RW (Multi-Read) 


CD-DA, CD-Extra, Extended CD, CD-Enhanced 

Laser type 

780 nm (reads black CDR) 

Resolution / Sample Rate 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz (CD-Digital-Audio)
Control Features Play, Pause, Stop, Skip FW, Skip BW, Repeat One, Repeat All, Shuffle 

Album Title, Album Artist, Track Title, Track Artist

DAC Section


24 Bit 

Sampling Frequencies  44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz 
D/A Converter Type 

Multi-Bit Delta Sigma 

Jitter Reduction 

Digital/Analog Dual Nested PLL for effective jitter reduction 

Digital Oversampling Filter Psychoacoustic optimized filter of 4/5 Minimum Phase and 1/5 Linear Phase 
Analog Output Filter

Group Delay Optimized Bessel Filter @ 40 kHz