Dây Digital JPS LABS Aluminata XLR Cable (1,5M)

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Aluminata interconnects address these issues to the highest possible level, offering a degree of noise and hum immunity unkown until now, with the result of perfectly tuned clarity of sound, not bright, not dull, a reflection of the source.

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JPS LABS Aluminata Digital Balanced XLR Cable (1,5M)


 Dây tín hiệu JPS LABS Aluminata Digital Balanced XLR Cable (1,5M)

Digital Balanced XLR Cable

A quad lay of a newly designed and specially annealed solid core Alumiloy conductors (the equivalent of two 12 AWG/3.31 mm2 conductors for negligible signal loss, even in long lengths, each conductor individually insulated with very expensive medical grade Kapton to exacting standards of thickness and purity, blanketed by a version of the Particle Aluminum Shield, modified and optimized for high resolution, line level audio, with its inherent noise absorption and ultra low impedance, Aluminata interconnects set the stage for a JPS wired system of impeccable quality of sound sure to give you goose bumps and an occasional tear for years to come, and complete the loop from source to ear like only JPS can.